Get 20GB Free Cloud Storage for Free is a new service which offers free Cloud Storage of 15GB, however once you download their Desktop or Mobile Application you will get another 5GB Bonus for Free.
Download from the below Referal Link and you will get another 5GB bonus that will make your total storage capacity to 25GB. 

Fiverr - A Place to Earn Online for Free Lancers

Fiverr is a marketplace for Free Lancers to earn online by providing their services at a cheaper cost. As the name implies, a regular job at fiverr starts at 5 $ USD. Free Lancers can do as many jobs as they want and there is no time limitation. If they provide good service that can attract buyers they can earn good money on fiverr. It is a cheaper place to get your work done for Buyers as well, the people who are not willing to hire regular employees and want their work done at low cost. The bargan starts from 5 USD and it may be reached at 50 USD $ as per quantity of required work and level of expert required for it.

Anyone can register at fiverr as a Service Provider (called Seller) and offer as many services as he wants without paying any kind of registration fee or membership fee. Similarly a Purchaser (called Buyer) may also register for Free and look for services he require and place an order to the Seller he think is suitable to complete the task.

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