Samsung Galaxy S4 Prices in Saudi Arabia

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is this year’s most anticipated smartphone.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics. It was announced in New York City on March 14, 2013
It’s easy to see why many have been left trying to spot the difference between the Galaxy S3 and the new S4: the two phones share their curved shapes, chrome-effect borders and familiar home buttons. Differences are only noticeable up close. The screen is marginally taller, the bottom lip is smaller, and the sensors above the display have been subtly rearranged. There’s one extra black dot - an infrared sensor, which the S4 uses to power gesture-control features. The top of the phone still houses the notification light, which uses the full RGB colour gamut – an improvement over the HTC’s two-tone light. Now it is available in Saudi Markets. Extra Shopping Mall is giving a very Handsome price for it. Its price in Saudi Riyals is 2699 SR only.

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