Hajj Group Package Prices 2012 Saudi Arabia

Performing Hajj is an honor for every Muslim, every year millions of Muslims throughout the world prepare and travel for the Hajj and reach Saudi Arabia for this honorable Ibadat (worshiping). Beside that inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are a lot of local residents who participate and perform the Hajj.

However It becomes a little difficult for local residents to go for Hajj because the Hajj Information is not easily available to local community. That's why most people try to reach Makkah city by illegal manners. They try to bypass the check post outside Makkah city with the help of few Local Taxi drivers who charge them with huge amount of money. Where normal fair to Makkah is 10 SR to 15 SR they charge 150 SR to 300 SR per person and guarantee to drop you in Makkah without checking. These taxi drivers bypass the regular checking done before entering Makkah city, instead of going through Highway they try to enter Makkah from irregular village streets. Saudi Govt try its best not to allow such Pilgrims to enter Makkah however still few thousands of Hajj Pilgrims reach by these ways. Actually Saudi Govt must know who is performing Hajj? How many Pilgrims are there? to make the better arrangements and avoid accidents inside Makkah City.

The proper and legal way to perform Hajj for local residents is, they should get a special permission from the Saudi govt which is called Tasreeh تصريح in Arabic. But what is the proper way to Get a Tasreeh is a big confusion. So many bad guys also take advantage of this situation and charge people 150SR to 500SR and make them fake Hajj Permission or Tasreeh certificates.

As I was also planning to perform Hajj this year but I was also in confusion about Hajj Permission Letter/Certificate. Every year few Hajj Service Providing companies in Saudi Arabia offer Hajj Groups Packages. A Group Package includes Govt Permission Certificate (Tasreeh) plus charges of few other benefits. They charge a fixed amount per person and facilitate him with Hajj Services like Transportation, Meal during Hajj, Doctor on Emergency, Hajj Guide and a residence in Makkah during Hajj.

After searching for this issue online I found an advertisement on expatriates.com from a Hajj Group Service.
The booking is still open for Riyadh city. When I called them and asked about Pilgrims from Jeddah, Taif, Madina and other cities and they informed me prices are same from all the cities and they can pick Pilgrims from any city at same cost.

Hajj Group Package Requirements

  • Copy of Your Iqama
  • Copy of Your Passport
  • 2 Photographs

More Details

We are providing Hajj Package:
  1. Comfortable & air-conditioned coasters Available
  2. Good housing (In Makkah Only)
  3. 3 time basic meal
  4. Doctor facility Available
  5. Hajj guider available for each coaster
  6. Pilgrims will travel through coasters through out during hajj [to mina, muzdalfah, arafat].

Hajj Group Package Price

The whole package costs only 2,200 Riyals

Further Requirements:
* 2 Photos
* Ikama Photocopy
* Passport Photocopy

How to Make Booking for Group Hajj Package

To make the booking please contact (Abu-Anas) on the following:
Mobile: 0563204183
From: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
E-mail: musamem@ymail.com

حملة حج ضيوف المشاعر

حافلات (كوستر) مريحة ومكيفه
السكن جيد (في مكة فقط)
ثلاث وجبات أساسية
طبيب مرافق للحملة
مشرف لكل حافل
التنقل بين المشاعر عن طريق الحافلات

السعر 2200
الإتصال على أبو أنس 0563204183
من الساعة 9 صباحا الى 12 ظهرا


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