Fiverr - A Place to Earn Online for Free Lancers

Fiverr is a marketplace for Free Lancers to earn online by providing their services at a cheaper cost. As the name implies, a regular job at fiverr starts at 5 $ USD. Free Lancers can do as many jobs as they want and there is no time limitation. If they provide good service that can attract buyers they can earn good money on fiverr. It is a cheaper place to get your work done for Buyers as well, the people who are not willing to hire regular employees and want their work done at low cost. The bargan starts from 5 USD and it may be reached at 50 USD $ as per quantity of required work and level of expert required for it.

Anyone can register at fiverr as a Service Provider (called Seller) and offer as many services as he wants without paying any kind of registration fee or membership fee. Similarly a Purchaser (called Buyer) may also register for Free and look for services he require and place an order to the Seller he think is suitable to complete the task.

Once the order is placed, they Buyer must require to enter its Credit Card number so that funds can be deducted from it. However these funds will not paid to the Seller until he completes the task as Buyer wants. If Buyer is not happy with the work he may reject the delivered work & no deduction will be done from his credit card (it is refunded back to buyer's account). However if buyer is satisfied with the job done he got an option to mark his order as "completed". So that funds will be charged from his credit card and move to the Seller's account. As a measure of security fiverr additionally holds the funds for next 14 days, in case there is any dispute it may be looked over by the technical support team.

Each job at fiverr is called a Gig. a Gig must be started at 5 $ USD. However if the Seller thinks it is not a suitable reward for his work he may divide the task into small pieces and offer each piece of task individually or in the form of Gig Extras. Gig Extras could be 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50 $ USD. If Buyer & Seller do the negotiation and both agreed to the terms, they may deal with Gig Extras.

Here a question must arises, Does this platform (fiverr) is absolutely free. The answer is "No"
Fiverr is not free, it deducted 20% from each completed Gig which is explained as below.

If the Buyer places on order, 5 $ USD will be deducted from his account but the Seller will be paid 4 US $. Similarly 8 US $ for an order of 10, 12 for 15, 16 for 20 etc.

To get success at fiverr you must stick to some principles and you can recieve a handsome income during your free hours by working online.

Be Respectful to Everyone wants you to achieve all your goals and help you make money doing what you love but they do need to maintain their community as the warm, welcoming, and fun place for everyone. So their editors keep an eye on offered services that violate another company’s Terms of Service. Gigs that infringes upon third party intellectual property rights or their terms of use is subject to removal by content editors as stated in fiverr Terms of Service.

Be True, Avoid Lies

Graphics are an important tool to help you attract buyers. Providing an accurate visual representation of your Gigs can really help you increase sales. Instead of using a stock image, a random photo from the Internet or an image that you bought from a different seller, you may end up misleading your buyers which could lead to negative feedback and cancellations.

Be Professional and Cooperative

Building strong relationships with your buyers is the best strategy in establishing a great reputation for you and your Gigs as well as creating a steady income. Fiverr team puts a lot of time and effort bringing new buyers to Fiverr. Once they’re on the site, the Gigs and customer service that you and other sellers provide will determine not only how much they spend, but whether they choose to come back.

About the writer: The writer is a Level 2 Seller at Fiverr and working as a Free Lancer from last 3 years. The writer is an author at Saudi Prices Blog as well.

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