Special Offers on Fitness Products at U Mark Saudi Arabia

Fitness is the great Problem in this Modern age. To maintain our Health we must need some Exercises especially those people who work in offices.U Mark a Saudi Fitness Products Market is Giving a very Special Offer on some Fitness Products. Here are the Special Offer Prices of that Fitness Products, which can be helpful to maintain yours good Health. .You can also see other Fitness Products Prices at Saudi Prices Blog.

Orbitrek Black without Chair

100K.G / Special Offers
Price: SR 420.00

Orbitrek Black with Chair

100K.G / Special Offers
Price: SR 450.00

Platinum Orbitrek with Chair

100K.G / Special Offers
Price: SR 499.00


Price: SR 749.00

New Treadmill

80K.G / Olympia
Price: SR 790.00

Promotion 1 (New Treadmill 220v)

80K.G / Spring
Price: SR 899.00

Crazy fit

130K.G / Olympia
Price: SR 1,049.00

Walkease Treadmill

100K.G / Life Gear
Price: SR 1,149.00

Motorized Treadmill 220V

110K.G / Olympia
Price: SR 1,199.00


150K.G / Olympia
Price: SR 1,249.00

New Treadmill 220v

Price: SR 1,290.00

Olympia Treadmill 6in1

110K.G / Spring
Price: SR 1,499.00

[DyanaTrack PRo (6in1)]

120K.G / Life Gear
Price: SR 1,999.00

Economical Home Use Motorized Treadmill 2HP

Price: SR 2,290.00

Economical Home Use Motorized Treadmill 2.5HP

Price: SR 2,790.00

6in1 - 2.5HP Unique Deluxe Home

Price: SR 2,990.00

Deluxe Motorized Treadmill 3HP

Price: SR 3,990.00

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