Babyliss Hair Products Best Prices Saudi Arabia 2012

Here are Prices of Babyliss Hair Straightners, Hair Dryers with Brush , Trimmers and Hair Cruler. You can also see Braun Hair Products Prices at Saudi Prices Blog.

Babyliss Straightener 

Babyliss Sst290sde Hair Straightener
Rotating Straightener
Price: 449 SR

Babyliss Hair Straightener 

Babyliss Professional 230 Steam Hair Straightener
Price: 339 SR

Babyliss Hair Stryler

Babyliss Hair Straightener/Curler
Price: 349 SR

Babyliss Hair Straightener 

Babyliss Hair Straightener Nano Titanium
Ceramic, 5 Temperatures
Price: 329 SR


Babyliss Ionic Hair Dryer
Straightener And Airbrush
Price: 300 SR

Babyliss I Onic Hair Straightener 

Babyliss I Pro230 Ionic Hair Straightener
Price: 269 SR

Babyliss Rotating Airbrush Ionic

Babyliss Rotating Airbrush 700w Ionic
Price: 219 SR

Babyliss Straightener St29e 

Babyliss Hair Straightener Nano
Titanium Ceramic Coating, Temper
Price: 209 SR

Babyliss Hair Trimmer 

Babyliss Rechargeable Hair Trimmer 4x1
Price: 197 SR

Babyliss Diameter Curling Tongs 

Babyliss Diameter Curling Tongs, 1 Year Warranty
Price: 174 SR

Babyliss Hair Straightener 

Babyliss Hair Straightener, Ceramic Fun Style
Price: 120 SR

Babyliss Hair Dryer Expert

Babyliss Hair Dryer Expert 2000w
Price: 105 SR


Babyliss Hair Dryer Expert 1900w
Price: 84 SR

Babyliss Trimmer 

Babyliss Nose and Ears Trimmer
Price: 59 SR

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