Urgent Requirement Steel Billet Factory for Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Below are some job requirements for Saudi Arabia

1-mould operator
with 2-3 years experience in continuous casting machine
( salary between 1600-1800  Sr)

2-furnace operator     
with 2-3 years  experience in electrical  furnace
(salary from 1600-1800)

3- production supervisor    
with 2-3 years experience  in steel billet factories
(salary between 1750-2000)

4-lab  technical    
with 2-3 years experience in the analysis of steel in steel billet factories
(salary between 1600-1800)

5-Gas cutter and welder  of billet technical with same experience
( salary between 1400-1600)

6-Casting continuous machine supervisor 
with the same experience in setting the machine to produce the billet
( salary 2000-2500)

7- General labor     
(salary between  800-1000)

with 2-3 years dealing with the induction furnace
(salary between 1400-1600)

9-store KEEPER 
(salary between 1400-1600)

10-ladle man   
responsible to set up the ladle and adjustment it before pouring the metal
with experience 2-3 years  with
salary   between 1400-1600

11-ladle meson 
responsible to deal with the ladle during the pouring
with experience 2-3 years experience  with
salary 1400-1600

with experience IN installation commission different equipment electrical for electrical maintenance in the factory 2-3 years  with
salary 1600-1800

13-Mechanical fitter 
with experience 2-3 years with
salary  1600-2100

All with overtime 2 hours as minimum. All with 200 riyal as food

send proper detail in CV and Job exp certificate.

Mr. Abdullah
Email: aliabdullah011@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pakistan-Recruitment-Service/154665684649613

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