Logitech Speaker System Prices Saudi Arabia July 2012

Logitech Speaker System delivers 200 watts (RMS) of power in a THX-Certified system—for big, bold audio. Multiple inputs let you connect your music, movie, and gaming devices. Here are best Prices of Logitech Speakers Systems.

Logitech Speaker System Z623

200 watts (RMS) of power
As loud as you want it. You’ll hear—and feel
immersive audio that brings music, movies, and
games to life.
Powerful 2.1 system
Easy, two-satellite setup and a powerful
subwoofer give you big sound-even in
large spaces.
Price: 649 SR

Logitech Speaker System Z130

With five watts of total power, you
get sound that’s clear and strong.
Built-in headphone jack
Price: 95 SR

Logitech Speaker System Z313

Hand control
Get down on it
Price: 199 SR

Laptop Speaker Z205

No need for software or a
power supply—a single USB
connection delivers power and
pure, digital sound instantly
Get down on it
Price: 179 SR

Laptop Speakers x140

These speakers give you options—
you can plug in your headphones
or connect your MP3 or CD player
Price: 110 SR

LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Price: 95 SR

Logitech Speaker System Z523

Price: 329 SR

Logitech Speaker System Z323

Price: 199 SR

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