Emjoi Epilator Prices Saudi Arabia July 2012

Emjoi is a rechargebale hair removal system.  Can be used on individual hairs on the face, bikni line, underarms and legs. 18 tweezers. Advanced discomfort protection technology. 2 speed selectable operation. Here are the new Prices of Emjoi Hair Removal System July 2012. You can get these Prices at U-Mark

Emjoi Silky - Corded
Price: 99 SR

Emjoi Silky Adaptor
Price: 119 SR

Emjoi Epi travel
Price: 120 SR

Emjoi silky
Price: 140 SR

Emjoi Gently silky
Price: 149 SR

Emjoi Epi Mini
Price: 186 SR

Emjoi Sin Dolor
Price: 199 SR

Emjoi Elegant Epilator
Price: 199 SR

Emjoi Optima
Price: 235 SR

Emjoi Optimini
Price: 239 SR

Emjoi gently Gold caress Cordless - rechargeable.
Price: 240 SR

Emjoi Classic
Price: 255 SR

Emjoi gently Gold caress Cordless is rechargeable
Price: 260 SR

Emjoi Light Caress
Price: 279 SR

Emjoi Royaljoi
Price: 280 SR

Emjoi Elegant Epilator
Price: 299 SR

Emjoi Optima
Price: 320 SR

Emjoi Optimax
Price: 350 SR

Emjoi OptiMax
Price: 425 SR

Emjoi Seal
The most advanced epilator in the world!
Price: 499 SR

Emjoi Emagine
Price: 525 SR

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