Prices Panasonic Camcorders Saudi Arabia

Panasonic items are always gives good results.Here are the Prices of Panasonic Camcorders in Saudi Arabia.
I have already Posted the Panasonic Digital Camera Prices.

Panasonic Sd90 High Definition 

Panasonic Sd90 High Definition Camcorder
With 26x Optical/40x I
Price: 1999 SR

Panasonic Compact Camcorder 80GB 

Panasonic Compact Camcorder 80GB HDD
With 33mm Wide Angle 78xult
Price: 1629 SR

Panasonic Compact Flash Memory SD 

Panasonic Compact Flash Memory Camcorder
SD Slot with 33mm Wide
Price: 1329 SR

Panasonic Compact Flash Memory 

Panasonic Compact Flash Memory Camcorder
4 GB With 33mm Wide
Price: 999 SR

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