Favorite Car Make in Saudi Arabia - Poll Results

Saudi Price Blog conducted a Survey "What is your favorite car make in Saudi Arabia". This poll has been there live on Saudi Prices Blog for 3 months and many of our Arab and non-Arab visitors participated in that. Users got option to choose their favorite car make among the following.
  1. Toyota
  2. Honda
  3. Hyundai
  4. Ford
  5. Nissan
  6. GMC
  7. Chevrolet
  8. KIA
  9. Mitsubishi
  10. Mazda
We kept Posting Different Vehicles Prices and Specification on Saudi Prices Blog under category Vehicle Prices in Saudi Arabia Time to Time. Now this Poll has been Closed and finally we are presenting the Results. Poll Result shows that most favorite car make in Saudi Arabia is Toyota which is favorite of 44% people in Saudi Arabia, Second position goes to Honda which is favorite of 14% people in KSA, Third position goes to to Hyundai which got 11% people's attention and so on. Take a look at the picture below for full poll results.

Below is full list of our Vehicle Prices in Saudi Post list.

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