Digital Cameras Discount Offer at Hyper Panda Saudi Arabia

Wooooow Hyper Panda is Giving a great Discount offer on Digital Cameras. Detail is Below.

Discount on Sony Digital Camera

Sony DSC W610 14 MP + SD Card + Bag: 499 Saudi Riyals
Sony DSC Wx100 18 MP + SD Card + Bag: 999 Saudi Riyals

Samsung Digital Camera

Samsung DSC Wb210 14 MP + SD Card + Bag: 899 Saudi riyals

Samsung DSC Mv800b 16 MP + SD Card + Bag: 999 Saudi riyals

Alptex Water Prof Camera

Alptex Water prof Camera 5MP: 299 Saudi Riyals

Alptex Video Camera

Alptex VideoCamera HD + 250 Dicount Voucher: 1099 Saudi Riyals

Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus Dslr E-P1-14-150 Kit + 8 GB SD Card Free: 2199 Saudi riyals

Canon Digital Camera

Canon DSC 12 MP + 50 SR Discount Voucher: 399 Saudi Riyals

Fujifilm Finepix Camera

Fujifilm Finepix DSC 16 MP + SD Card + Bag: 899 Saudi Riyals

Hurry up. These offers are for Limited time and it will be finished at 29th May. For more offers see Saudi Price Blog.

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