Best Braun Men s' Shaver Prices in Saudi Riyals

There are two main types of men's electric shavers
1- Rotary shavers
2- Foil shavers.
Rotary shavers use three spinning circular blades that flex in their housing to accommodate the contours of your face.
Foil shavers have blades that oscillate from side to side, hidden behind thin, perforated steel foils.
Here are the  new Prices of Braun Shavers both types, hope you like it. To see more Beauty Products Prices visit Saudi Prices Blog.

Braun Shaver

Price: 1199 SR

Braun Series 7 Shaver Sonic Technology

Price: 829 SR

Braun Series 5 Shaver

Price: 809 SR

Braun Series 5 Shaver Power and Precision

Price: 645 SR

Braun Cruzer 6 Body and Face Shaver 4in1

Price: 319 SR

Braun Cruzer 5 Face 3 In 1 Shaver

Price: 299 SR

Braun Body 5 Cruzer Wet and Dry

Price: 219 SR

Braun 150 Amee Shaver

Price: 169 SR

Braun Amee Shaver

Price: 139 SR

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