Top External Hard Drives Prices Saudi Arabia

While cloud storage continues to grow in popularity, Portable External Hard Drives remain a solid alternative for simple and local backups. They allow you to easily store large multimedia files, increase your computer’s storage capacity and share files between computers. Additionally, external hard drives are typically a cheaper and more secure backup option than cloud storage.
External hard drives come in all sizes and storage capacities. Here I Presenting the Top External Hard Drives Prices in Saudi Arabia. hope You like it. To see more Hard Drive Prices visit saudi Prices Blog.

Transcend External Hard Drives

External Hard Drives Store Jet 25M2

1 TB: 479 SR
500 GB: 329 SR
320 GB: 269 SR

Store Jet 25M3

1 TB: 489 SR
500 GB: 339 SR

Western Digital External Hard Drives

My Passport Portable Hard Drive 

The pocket-sized warehouse for your digital life.
1 TB: 499 SR
2 TB: 899 SR

My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive

Ultra-fast backup and storage to go.
320 GB: 299 SR
500 GB: 379 SR

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