How You can Buy a Best Tablet Computer

There are 6 main things in a Tablet Pc which we must see when we buy a Tablet Pc. Here I will Try to tell You the that 6 Important things which will help You to buy a Tablet Computer.

  1. Display Type, Size and Colors.
  2. Storage
  3. Operating System
  4. External Ports
  5. Camera
  6. Connectivity

1-Display Type, Size and Colors.

Display is the most important factors when buying a Tablet PC. Most common display type available is 7 inch and 10 inch with minor difference. You should choose the display type as per your comfort. Display of a Tablet PC must be easier for tapping, reading & typing. It should have best screen view for movies, photos and gaming. Screen Resolution is also an important part of the display, if you will use your tablet for movie watching, e-book reading and Web surfing. The key is to have a sharp, bright screen. Compare the tablets at their highest brightness to have a fair comparison. A clear adhesive screen protector can mitigate some glare, as well as protect the screen from scratches.


A tablet with an SD or micro SD slot has a big advantage, since it allows you to upgrade your storage by adding a removable memory card. A tablet PC can have be 16, 32 or 64 GB Memory. I categorize the Builit in memory of a tablet PC as follows.

16 GB Basic
32 GB Excellent
64 GB Ultimate, best for media, movies and gaming experience.

3-Operating System

There are two main Operating Systems in Tablet PCs world wide
iOS which is available in all Apple based tablet computers. It has more than650,000 Apps available. A huge number of apps and games are free, however other you can buy easily from iTunes Store.
Android Operating system is other most common available OS in tablet computers. It has 600,000 Apps available for download. Most apps and games are free, rest can be purchased from Google Play store.Both operating systems are very popular. Choosing between the two is a matter of personal taste.

4-External Ports

Tablets have different sets of ports. They are made lean by design so you might find only an audio jack and a dock connector. However, some tablets provide USB ports and HDMI ports which allows you to easily show videos or photos on a TV. There are also external ports adaptors available on the market. These ports can help us connect Tablets with other devices, computers, LCDs etc


Most Tablet PCs have Front camera which allows you to do video calls using Skype or any other Chatting application. Some Tablets have a rear camera as well which is used to take photos and record videos. Capture the higher Megapixel to generate better photos and videos. Cameras vary from normal recording and HDMI recording. Choice is yours.


Connectivity is an important part in a tablet pc, There are 3 basic type of connectivity possibilities. 3G over a Cellular network and Wi-Fi in a home of office Hotspot or Access Point, and Bluetooth connectivity to connect to Internet or a Bluetooth Headset or Bluetooth Car Kit.
3G - Connect to the Internet any time (requires a data SIM card).Most tablets have WiFi which helps you connect to the Internet through accessible network, Bluetooth can be connected using such as headset for private listening, keyboard for heavy typing and many features.

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