Best Sony Headphones Prices Saudi Arabia

SONY is well known for their design and these headphones announce "I'm SONY gear" right from the start; brushed metal over the arch with a thick width to the unit makes it seem almost over-sized when you first look at and hold them. This along with the over-sized, padded ear cups and head padding made me think that the unit was going to be heavy and unwieldy. Yet, the unit is surprisingly light, which was very much appreciated after a 5 hour gaming session. Here is the Best Prices of Sony HeadPhones. To see Sony Walkman Prices visit Saudi Prices Blog.


Ear Cups: Closed, Dynamic (super-aural)
Design Over the head
Price: 119 SR


70mm Driver units
Adopting Neodymium Magnet for clear mid/high range and powerful bass range
Direct Vibration Structure for deep bass
King size ear cushion
Price: 999 SR


Sleek, curved headphones will add style to your DJ set
A foldable design makes for easy storage, simply fold and store them in your bag when you’re not listening to music
The reversible earcup and the single-sided 1.2m cord make it easy for one-ear DJ listening
Price: 299 SR

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