Kingston USB Disk and Memory Cards Rates KSA

Kingston is one of the leading names in memory Manufacturers. Most of the kingston memory cards and USB Drives come with Life time Warranty. Kingston also Produces Computer Rams and Laptop Rams. Kingston USB Drives are one of Most Durable and Reliable Drives. That s'why People in Saudi Arabia love to Buy Kingston USB Drives. Following are the latest Kingston USB Drive Rates.


Kingston USB Drive 4 GB: 17 SR
Kingston USB Drive 8 GB: 25 SR
Kingston USB Drive 16 GB: 45 SR


Kingston Micro SD HC Card 4 GB: 18 SR
Kingston Micro SD HC Card 8 GB: 22 SR
Kingston Micro SD HC Card 16 GB: 49 SR
Kingston Micro SD HC Card 32 GB: 129 SR

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