Humax Satellite TV Receiver Prices Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia Satellite Receiver is mostly need of Every Home. By these Satellite Receivers we can Entertain Ourselves by Watching the Different Programmes of Every Corner of the World. Here are the Prices of Humax Satellite Receivers, which are Available in Saudi Arabia.

Humax Satellite Receiver 

Humax Receive Satellite HD TV Signals HDD
500 GB 2, HD Up scaling
Price: 1100 SR

Humax HD Receiver USB and Dual Smart Card Slot 

Humax HD Receiver and Dual Smart Card Slot
PVR Ready Function VI
Price: 459 SR

Humax Receiver Mpeg-2 4000 Channels 

Humax Mpeg-2 Digital and Fully DVD-S
Compliant Embedded IR deto Cam
Price: 279 SR

Humax Digital Satellite Receiver 

Humax Digital Satellite Receiver One
Embedded IR Deto Cam Easy
Price: 269 SR

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